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Wine-guy Dustin Jones, the well-known sommelier at La Jolla’s La Valencia Hotel has moved on to work with Rob Barnett at www.vinvillage.com.  While we’re on the subject of La Valencia, it and its sister property, Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa are for sale.

North County will soon have The 3rd Corner in the Encinitas Lumberyard shopping center.  The restaurant will occupy the current Sbicca Bistro space, according to Dan Sbicca.  The 3rd Corner is the brainchild of Ed Moore, one of San Diego’s best when it comes to wine and food.  If you you are unfamiliar with his place in Ocean Beach, it’s a concept that works like this:  Mostly a well-stocked wine store, with about 50 restaurant seats and small bistro menu that includes everything from a cheese plate to fish, pasta and meat with nothing over $19.  For a modest $5 corkage, you can browse the restaurant for your wine to drink at the table.  Along with a full bar, the place also offers a good selection of wines by the glass. 

There are numerous wine events and wine merchants around town and if you’re not on their email lists, here are some good ones:  Downtown on G Street you’ll find Bacchus Wine Market & Tasting Room  and note on the website the downtown restaurants that don’t charge corkage when you buy bring in wine bought at their store.  Nearby, The Wine Bank on Fifth Avenue, has renovated the place and has tastings.  In Middletown there’s the Wine Vault & Bistro, with tasting and wine dinners–those in the know are on the email list.  

Off Harbor Boulevard in Liberty Station there’s Mellow, a small but sophisticated wine bar with an interesting wine selection. To the north at the Barnett entrance next to the golf course is Wine Steals, with a casual, post-college atmosphere, similar to their original site in Hillcrest.

Up in the Mira Mesa area Vintage Wines, San Diego Wine Co. and the Winesellar & Brasserie are all worth getting up-to-the-minute tasting and buying information.  

Do you have a favorite wine bar or wine store? If so, please share.  

3 thoughts on “Wine, Wine and More Wine

  1. I’m a big fan of newcomer Kensington Vine on Adams Ave. Partly because they’re within walking distance (glorious!) but mostly because they consistently offer interesting flights and a friendly atmosphere. It’s nice to be recognized when I walk in the door!

  2. Proprietors Reserve behind Rosie O’Grady’s at Adams Ave and 34th Street in Normal Hts. Cozy and reasonable.
    Kensington Vine is overpriced, I feel.

  3. I agree with Lulu. Proprietors Reserve is an cool little gem of a wine bar about the size of a hotel room on the back side of an Irish bar. Given the size they have a ridiculous selection of wines. And if you pick the right night you will find either Guillermo or Gilbert (identical twins–I am not sure which one works there and I got tired of trying to figure out which was which so I just quit asking).

    Regarding the Kensington Vine, unfortunately this feels like one more wine bar in San Diego that had sort of a canned strip mall feel about it–think Wine Encounter. I’ve been there a couple of times and I have found the staff to generally be not so wine savvy, the selections not so great and the ambiance sort of contrived (Z-Gallery wine art). If I lived in the hood I’d still go to Bleu Boheme for a glass or better yet, get in the car and take a 3 minute drive to go see Guillermo/Gilbert.


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