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Fresh sea urchin roe (uni) as Buzz noted isn’t just a sushi bar treat.  If you want to taste uni done the way Italians like it, Baci Ristorante plans an all uni (or ricci as it is known in Italy) dinner on March 5 that will include dishes featuring ricci: seafood bisque, pasta, seabass with lemon cream and more, all paired with Italian wines.  The dinner is $85 and includes tip and tax.  For information and reservations:  619-275-2094.

If black truffles are your thing, Cavaillon Restaurant‘s owner/chef Philippe Verpiand has created a menu to feature this lovely fungus. You can order a set menu for $95 or order à la carte.  Everything from asparagus with poached egg, port wine sauce and shaved black truffle to duck breast with black truffle sauce is available for dinner from February 15 to March 15.  Call the restaurant for reservations and information: 858-433-0483.

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