At the Hotel Del Coronado’s signature restaurant, 1500 Ocean, the search for a new chef de cuisine is finally over with the arrival of Robert Hohmann who worked with Thomas Keller, Mario Batali and most recently in Napa at Michael Chiarello’s famed Bottega.  Expect Hohmann’s new menu to debut October 1, using Southland Coastal ingredients to create contemporary Mediterranean dishes that highlight the flavors of Italy, France and Morocco.

Those of you who miss chef Chad White (ex of Gabardine and Sea Rocket Bistro), his toque landed  in Golden HIll at Counterpoint.  The menu for this wine bar says “food for people” and “wine for people”  (who else besides people?), and features an eclectic collection of items from fried bologna and cheese on white bread and plum barbecued tofu to a cheeseburger and rabbit confit.  We’ll see what changes chef White creates in the next few weeks and months.

In Mission Hills, Brooklyn Girl Eatery‘s opening chef, Tyler Thrasher moves on and sous chef Colin Murray takes over the kitchen duties.

UPDATE:  To clarifiy the status of Sea Rocket Bistro, according to an early morning email from Chad:  He will train and mentor his replacement.  He still is a part owner of the restaurant that expects to continue doing well in 2012.
The food at Brian Malarkey’s  soon-to-open Gabardine in Point Loma will feature a “Portugese-esque seafood bar” according to the press release that arrived today.  Overseeing this “heavy focus on shellfish paired with an extensive selection of local craft brews” menu you’ll find chef Chad White who made news at Sea Rocket Bistro in North Park.  Prior to that gig, White was two blocks from Gabardine as Roseville’s last chef before it closed more than a year ago.  For a bit more on Gabardine (expect a February opening), see item 3 here.  One wonders what prices customers can expect with a shellfish and seafood centric menu (hint, likely not low budget).