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Buzz loves this taco shop and market in Solana Beach.  It’s the closest thing to crossing the border without the hassle and it’s just around the corner from Fidel’s and Tony’s Jacal and up the street from the race track.   Located in a small strip mall along with a deli and pizza place, Rudy’s opens  at 7am so you can get your Mexican fix on breakfast burritos, tortas, tacos and more.  It’s a favorite of the local workers and there is a small area for seating (you order at the counter) in the small market that sells fresh tortillas and other staples.  Buzz loves the small street tacos ($1.25) and the burritos ($4.50 average) and chile rellenos ($3.50) that fill the tummy quite well also.  The carne asada, cabeza, al pastor, carnitas and lengua (yes, tongue) are all terrific.  524 Stevens Ave., Suite 1, Solana Beach, 858-755-0788.  Open daily.

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