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Commentary by Lynne Christopher:
Doesn’t seem quite right that new restaurant owner, Terryl Gavre, continues to write restaurant reviews two local magazines. The conflict of interest is clear. This is not just about her breakfast joint downtown. She is now involved with celebrity chef Carl Schroeder who needs all the local and national media he can get.
A restaurant reviewer with any kind of professionalism, integrity and honesty would resign immediately and decide just exactly which job she is doing and follow the rules of good journalism.
P.S. There is a reason why high quality publications and especially newspapers have very strict guidelines about conflicts of interest and taking freebies.

5 thoughts on “Reviewer, owner or both?

  1. Terryl Gavre is not a “new” restaurant owner. She started Cafe 222 when the Gaslamp was filled with homeless people trying to extort money from you for watching your parked car. For much of this time she has been a restaurant writer and yes, she has reviewed other breakfast restaurants favorably in spite of them being her direct competition. San Diego is becoming a valid restaurant scene and she has long been an active participant in making that happen. So now that Terryl is enjoying the success of her new “new” restaurant some out there want to tear her down. Go ahead and try. I suspect that she will do whatever it is that she wants to do and be a success at it–just like she always has. You go Waffle Head!!!!

  2. Lynn sounds like she’s received a not-so-great review by Gavre at some point in the past. Let her write..she’s fun to read and has good opinions – and unless she starts saying that everything stinks except Market…who cares?

  3. I’m sure Ms. Gavre is a fine restaurateur. She might even be a decent writer. But she’s got a serious conflict of interest. Most journalists live by this: If it has the appearance of a conflict of interest, it IS a conflict of interest. Hey San Diego, join the pros.

  4. Gotta hand it to Mz. Gavre – love her or hate her, she knows how to get the media attention. But, she is the media – and I gotta side with Elaine – she can write about food – but just not as a critic.

  5. It is quite obvious by Gavres flabby soft reviews, she is easily swade by her connections and friendships in the restaurant industry. I dont read her reviews any more, nor do I buy the magazines that publish her column.


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