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Buzz hopped a plane for Paris, France to spend a month enjoying all that is French. Weather is gorgeous and the food terrific in its simplicity and presentation. San Diego restaurants could take a lesson from the servers in cafes and brasseries…always top notch, unobtrusive and worth every euro (tips are included in the check, and one can usually leave an extra bit of change if desired).

The Sunday market on Blvd. Raspail is all organic, that includes flavorful roasted chickens and a dazzling array of fresh seafood and fish (scallops and oysters in their shell), meat, cheeses and of course produce. One can eat their way through the market, or shop to take to the apartment as I did. The roasted chicken made a few meals with friends and the eggs I bought along with the fresh mushrooms (yes, there are mushrooms beyond white ones we are familiar with) will be made into a simple omelet for a light dinner.

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