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Buzz settled in to an apartment in the 6th arrondisement of Paris and for its location, it was superb and something different instead of the usual hotel living. To experience the French way of life, one must be flexible, Tthe apartment was wonderfully quiet, so quiet the drip of the leaking cold water faucet in the bathroom could be heard in the night…even with the door closed. For a shower, it was necessary to turn on the hot water in the sink so that the hot water in the shower could flow. Small things, one can laugh about. Don’t assume that the WC (toilet) will be in the same room as the shower as many of the older apartments continue to have them separate.

The tiny kitchen had a glass cooktop, and in place of the small oven, the owner decided on a small dishwasher…amusing again, as it brings out the creative side of cooking with only a microwave and a toaster! Was it fun? Absolutely. Did I entertain 10 people at the apartment? You bet. Paris has good take-away places with all kinds of foods available. On my tiny street, I found pasta, potstickers and pastries, all from different tiny stores and all very good.

Only a block away from the apartment is the Bon Marche and you can buy everything from produce, wine, meat, poultry, Italian and French salami, breads, pastries, and food to go…Think of it as a food emporium similar to but larger than La Jolla’s newest market, Bristol Farms.

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