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Say what you will, Liberty Station scores big with two new wine bars.  Buzz and pal went tasting and found two distinctly different settings.  For civilized, grown up sipping where you can talk without shouting, Mellow lives up to its name.  This small, but comfortable space is among the strip of new buildings with restaurants that include Greek, Mexican, Thai, Italian, and the ubiquitous Starbucks, just off Harbor Drive near the airport. 

Its urban contemporary design and helpful staff make it a perfect place to settle down after a long hard day (or during the day, for lunch). Open barely a few weeks, the staff guides you through a small and growing list of interesting wines.  Paninis, cheese and desserts ($7 and $8) are presented on square china plates, while elegant wine glasses complement the pours. Thought went into the design of the room with  upholstered couches and bar stools for seating and a painted wall of wine-filled glasses.  Open from 11am. 619-223-3348

Down the road at the opposite end of Liberty Station, next to the golf course and off Barnett Street, is Wine Steals’second location (the first is in Hillcrest).  Housed in a historic building, this is the place to go if you like it loud.  Sip wine while you eat mediocre 18-inch pizzas, priced from $12.50 to $19.50 or $2.50 a slice, or salads or cheese plates– served on black plastic throwaway plates.  The very casually dressed waitstaff could be taken to be customers save for the fact they are behind the bar and knowledgeable about the wines.  Much larger than Mellow, with outdoor seating, a view of the golf course AND the roar of planes taking off from Lindbergh Field, it’s a place that reminded Buzz of her college beer and pizza joint, upgraded to include wine and beer.   Open from 11am, 619-221-1959. 

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