Everything British can be found at Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe . Should you want a bottle of Branston pickles (a finely chopped crunchy chutney of carrots and other vegetables flavored with vinegar, onion powder and lemon juice), English bone china, pint glasses, boxer shorts of the British flag, Nestle candy made in England (it tastes different than our Nestle) or other English born products, pop into the store across the patio from one of the best pubs in town: Shakespeare Pub & Grille. It’s got it all. 3719 India Street, Lower Mission Hills, 619-683-2748, www.ukcornershoppe.com.

Point Loma Seafoods, dockside in Point Loma (behind the Vagabond Motel) is the place for fresh fish and seafood. In this cash only casual place you’ll find retail cases with smoked fish, including albacore, salmon and local yellowtail, sushi made to order, live lobsters, shrimp, housemade tuna salad, oysters, mussels and an array of fresh fish.

The place loads up at lunch where the small menu features salads, fried combo plates and swell fish tacos. Two tacos, each wrapped in two corn tortillas, refried beans, fresh salsa on the side and a slightly vinegary white sauce, at $9.95, is a meal for two. A generous portion of lightly breaded Alaskan cod (though on my visit it was a tad dry) fills the tortillas, topped with crunchy green cabbage and a sprinkle of cheese. Sit outside, near the docked sport fishing boats, and eat with the gulls staring you down for a crumb. Cash only. 2805 Emerson St., Point Loma, 619-223-1109.