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When Buzz picks up restaurant news that doesn’t come from the local public relations offices it’s news that is heard more than a few times from good sources but may not immediately be fact checked or found in main stream media.   So begins a new category: Buzz From the Bar.

Insiders have known for quite sometime that Jonathan Pflueger’s Currant American Brasserie, while garnering terrific food reviews, has been a mess behind the scene. At least three managers have come and gone and now comes news that the chef, Mr. Pflueger–a guy who loves his alcohol–was more than over-served at last week’s restaurant awards dinner. So much so that he and his equally inebriated date were removed from the event. So, what is, or maybe it’s who is, cooking at Currant?

Rumors persist about the Cohn empire moving Corvette Diner to Liberty Station…along with another unamed Cohn themed eatery. If so, look for them to be down at the Barnett Street entrance near the soon-to-open Ace Hardware and Wine Steals venues.

4 thoughts on “Buzz From the Bar

  1. News May 19, 2008

    Just had lunch at Currant to find Jonathan “Has Left the Building”.

    Not sure what happened but he has left the place he created. The new, new, new day manager dropped the info.


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