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Foodies that still get cooking magazines (Buzz loves Saveur among many), Bon Appetit just announced its new editor- in- chief, Adam Rapoport who is style editor at GQ.  One could expect a big change in design…some think the magazine is staid in its look.  It was redesigned in 2008 to the dismay of some Chowhound readers.

Kudos to Candice Woo who scored a food writing position at San Diego Magazine.  She’s reviewing restaurants and it’s nice to see a fresh voice for the magazine.

Which brings me to the unfortunate Union Tribune, aka U-T.  Whatever has happened to caring about food in this town?  Don’t expect to see it coming from the U-T.  People whose bylines were always there and who know food (Carolyn Dipping, Lori Weisberg, Peter Rowe, to name a few), have been relocated to writing about auto accidents, obituaries, and occasionally now a piece about a restaurant going bust.  When will the U-T care about its readers and the food scene here?  It seems management depends more on outside writers to fill the gap.  Sorry to say that the redesigned paper doesn’t inspire one to renew their subscription (that would be Buzz).  Sadly,  the U-T logo and design  look like something from a high school newspaper.

5 thoughts on “Bon Appetit, SD Magazine and the U-T

  1. Hello Marci Rossman/Author of San Diego Food Buzz,

    WOW! This is somewhat offensive to writers like me who actually write for the Union Tribune and KNOW about food. Last time I checked, Peter Rowe was still producing fabulous food (and beer) articles.

    I am a regular contributor to this fine newspaper and feel that Chris Ross (Food and Smart Living Editor) has done an amazing job!

    Maybe there is somewhat of a ‘click’ in your circle of food writer ‘friends’ that you feel you must support and defend, but please don’t exclude those of us who work very hard and are passionate about our craft!

    Yes, you are entitled to your opinion and freedom of speech, but it would be nice to stop the politics and competition and choose to respect your fellow peers for their talents and abilities.

    Please don’t forget to exercise your objectivity as it sounds like you are somewhat biased, giving preferential treatment only to to those you know.

    Maria Desiderata Montana

  2. Dear Ms. Montana: The fine newspaper which you mention, I think is probably up for debate. If this is your idea of a fine food page, I suggest you read the New York Times.

  3. In regards to the comments above, I do have to say that I absolutely LOVE the Union Tribune food section and it really brings me great knowledge of the local restaurants and food related events, etc. Even going to http://www.sandiegofoodfinds.com definitely helps my husband and I choose a place to go and eat somewhere for special occasions or find good recipes to make at home. We don’t live in New York so reading the New York Times won’t help me.

  4. The U-T needs a lot of work to become what I would call a “fine newspaper,” and the food section is no exception. More Pete Rowe would be great!


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