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San Diego’s  food scene brims with people, events, foods and restaurants that support the growing worldwide awareness of how we eat, where our food comes from, and how those decisions impact the environment, jobs and health.  Savvy eaters in San Diego know about:

***Tender Greens in Liberty Station takes urban farming quite seriously and can now boast they get heirloom tomatoes and other seasonal vegetables from retired lawyer Paul Reeb who turned to gardening as a hobby.  He grows produce exclusively for the restaurant  and what’s really unique is that Reeb’s garden is about five blocks from the restaurant so cooks can pick every morning.  How fresh is that?

***Slow Food Urban San Diego and their monthly “metro socials” that expose us to local farmers, local artisanal ingredients, classes and lots more.  Get on board with the organization at two upcoming events.  If you’ve wondered what former Union-Trib restaurant critic Maria Hunt is up to, you can join her at JSix on August 26 for a book signing.   She’s authored The Bubbly Bar–cocktails specifically geared to the use of sparkling wines. Mark  September 7 for their community potluck for the Slow Food national campaign to get better school meals nationally and here in San Diego.

***Support the environment and check out Manivela Delivery, the first bicycle driven food delivery service in San Diego. They specialize in restaurants that do not already deliver and serve the  serve the center of San Diego nearest Balboa Park, but look forward to expanding out in the coming months. For more information: 619-512-FOOD.

***You’ve likely seen Peace Pies booth at many of the farmers markets. Now they’ve opened a  small restaurant just up the street from OB People’s Organic Food Market on Voltaire.  Peace Pies features delectable savory and sweet foods–I love their cinnamon rolls–everything they make is gluten free, raw, vegan and very very good.  Open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch.  619-618-6960, 4230 Voltaire,  San Diego.

***Local farmers sell at many of our 39 weekly farmers markets.  If you can’t get to the market, get a box from one of the eight Community Supported Agriculture farms. The cost of a weekly box of local, fresh, seasonal produce could cost a lot less than a trip to the supermarket.  Buzz has been a  Garden of Eden Organics supporter for two years and loves the seasonal variety (and convenience) of the box of goodies.

***Get smart about our food supply and see the movie Food, Inc.  And then catch Julie and Julia for the delightful story of Julia Child who opened the world of cooking on television in 1963.

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