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It may be the recession or just fate, but two barely year-old places closed: Mille Feuille Chocolates in Hillcrest and Mukashi in Bankers Hill. Covered in brown paper, the windows at Mille Feuille show only signs that say, “closed, owners relocating”.  The stylish euro-designed room featured fine French pastries but suffered dearly, I think, in a lousy location at Fifth and University where parking is never easy.  Mukashi had the best intentions with a good opening executive chef, only to fall, likely, for many reasons, including so-so service and the competition from Hane Sushi & Bar in the same block.

Up at El Bizcocho changes at the top with chef de cuisine Steven Rojas who left a few weeks ago for Los Angeles.  His molecular-based gastronomic approach to food might not have been the best fit for San Diego, even with a glowing review from Naomi Wise and a terrific explanation by Peter Rowe. Wise was prophetic in her review when she said that she feared the chef wouldn’t stay, all the good ones leave San Diego.  How true her words…we had expected to dine there this week.

9 thoughts on “Bits and Bites: Sadly Gone

  1. Not at all surprised about Mille Feuille and Mukashi – bummed about Stephen Rojas, but I was afraid that wouldn’t last either. This recession is really going to trounce the SD food scene, I’m afraid.

  2. I live a few blocks from Mukashi and waited for what felt like months for it to open. I so badly wanted this to be my “local place,” and although the food was fine the service was awful every trip. I gave up after walking out pissed off for the third time. They just didn’t get it.

  3. Too bad about Mille Feuielle closing, but I’m also thinking that corner is cursed. There was a gap there, a prudential insurance office. None of those businesses were able to stay
    put long


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