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Now here’s a really interesting newcomer, due to open soon:  Steve Barr, who for many years ran the Winesellar & Brasserie dining room, will open Per Se Restaurant and Wine Bar in Carlsbad at Roosevelt and Carlsbad Village Drive.  No points for originality in naming the place, but lots of moxie to so closely borrow from the Thomas Keller restaurant of the same name in New York city.  We guess that the French Laundry name was already taken.

Crescent Heights,  one of the best new restaurants to grace San Diego’s restaurant scene, has closed as the message states on their answering machine.  Truly a place that will be missed for its food, service and alternative to the Gaslamp’s mostly mediocre  convention oriented places.  For more  closings, read the comments posted on my recent post, Sadly Gone.

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6 thoughts on “Bits and Bites: Opened and Closed

  1. I’m a first time visitor and new San Diego resident, and I love your website! Very interesting takes on San Diego restaurants. What do you guys think of Burger Lounge? I love their grass-fed beef burgers, and it’d be really interesting to hear your guys’ take on them 🙂

  2. Paon (Per Se) restaurant, in Carlsbad Village, is incredible. First it takes a lot of moxy to open a restaurant in todays day and age when 40% of restaruatns are failing and the remainder are off 60%. The cusine and I say “cusine” is exceptional with probably the finest organic ingredients that anyone can get. The service is top notch and the refinement – well let’s just say that it is an extremely welcoming enviornment that emplures solitude and class at every step. The wine list is above par, actually excellent and the ambiance is, again, inviting. I wish that I could eat here for lunch and dinner everyday – I wouldn’t grow tired of it. Take some advice from a local, an experienced restaurantor, a gourmand – visit Paon restaurant – you’ll think daily about returning for a true dining experience. Great Place – wonderful food and wine – great wine prices!!


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