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Moving on:  Chef Wade Hageman, has left Blanca in Solana Beach to pursue a location of his own. He hopes to stay in San Diego.  Buzz will keep you posted.

Open for business: Burger Lounge (a Buzz fav) in Little Italy, across the street from Indigo Grill.  It is their fourth location (La Jolla, Coronado and Kensington round out the list).

Cucina Urbana:  Newly named, with a new menu and concept at Fifth and Laurel.  Food pals who recently dined there said atmosphere is fun; food working out the kinks.  Haven’t been, but do wonder why food and service kinks are not worked out before opening to the public, especially with a well-known restaurateur like Tracy Borkum (and others who seem to have the same issue).

Corvette Diner & Gamers Garage finally opened in Liberty Station.  On a recent Monday night, the wait for a table was an hour and a half…gotta love those burgers.  Tiny bar area. Lots of noise and very loud music; lots of  games in a separate area (kids and adults in that area) and an oddly darker dining area that seems a bit more civilized for eating. Oodles of parking and bring your patience while you wait for a table. We didn’t choose to wait.

Had a chance to lunch with out of town friends at Enoteca Style on India Street between Ash and Beech.  Well-priced paninis, and flavorful and inventive salads.  Loved the soba salad with ahi and a Caesar with fresh corn and grilled chicken cut into bite-size pieces.  Interesting wines and happily sold in 3 ounce pours if you so desire.

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5 thoughts on “Bits and Bites: Grab Bag

  1. Is it true that The better half Shuttered last week? I hope not..great little restuarant that San Diegans should be supporting.

  2. Losing The Better Half is not a hit to the hood, the place was going downhill fast. No tears here.

    Problem I see with some small places is that execution of dishes had better be good, or no repeat traffic. A place that can be consistent will gain repeat business.

    Times are tough for all restaurants with some owners reporting 30% off in traffic. So your game had better be spot on – or you’re going down.

  3. I have opened many-a restaurant and I have yet to see one that opened without kinks. Although it is true that this restaurant has the advantage of an existing staff with an infrastructure that they have already worked within I wouldn’t ding Tracy Borkum too hard for this one. She has done a good job of rapidly reinventing this space into something that is charming and comfortable. Except for the funky name of course–I want to call it the Urban Coochie.


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