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Finally had a chance to try the wildly popular Cucina Urbana in Bankers Hill.  Sat at the bar 5:15 on  a  Wednesday eve,  which is burger and beer night.  Next to me, a couple split a burger and possibly the beer; on the other side a frequent customer raved about the fried squash blossoms and chicken liver paté.  I should have ordered the blossoms that came perfectly fried, not a drop of oil to be seen while my  fritto misto with vegetables, shrimp, calamari and soft shelled crab bites ($14) was an unfortunate grease plate with a flavorful and  not-too-capered mayo dip.  One would guess it’s a tale of two fryers:  one with the proper oil temperature for deep frying squash blossoms and one that didn’t heat up for the the misto.  A margharita pizza serves two with six pieces ($13),  a call vodka ($8.50) and the tab was $35 plus before tip.  The busy room is packed with “stuff” including a hanging cage (over the bar towards the kitchen) with a couple of faux chickens perched and lots of mixed and not matched  chairs.  Good bar service, loud room, nice alternative to the Prado if you’re going to the theater.

With all the opening buzz for Small Bar (an offspring of  Hamiltons Tavern) in University Heights, Buzz decided to meet a pal there at 6pm for a Friday night after work beer.  We didn’t make it in the door.  The name says it all:  Small, very small, very very loud jukebox music, very popular and as a smoker said while puffing away on the side entry way, “The food is great.”  That is  if you can find a place to sit and hear yourself talk.  Hamiltons, however, is larger, equally as loud depending on who is playing with the speakers, and specializes in craft beers.  Check out their event schedule

So, we moved on to Kings Fish House in Mission Valley, sat at the bar, ate a plate of very fresh  oysters from New Zealand, Baja and the East coast, beer, and three very tasty small, Tijuana street style fish tacos.  And we could hear ourselves talk!

3 thoughts on “Bits and Bites: Cucina Urbana, Small Bar and Kings Fish House

  1. funny, we were at the cucina urbana bar at the same time. the creamy polenta with ragu was the best thing we tasted, but we need to get back to sample more. agree that the fritto was greasy. place was absolutely packed by the time we left, good for them.

    and we did the same thing at small bar the prior week too. walked in ready to eat something and saw no one doing the same, while the jukebox made a potential communication with the bartender a challenge. looks fun, but definitely geared for the straight 20’s crowd, which has kind of been overlooked in UH.


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