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Love wine?  If you missed Fifty Seven Degrees downtown–with its wine bar, wine storage and wine sales–fear not.  Roughly November 1, they will reopen on Hancock Street, right off the freeway at Washington Street in what was the Pier 1 Import store.

Look for the new location to have a wine bar, retail sales, increased wine storage (from 120,000 to 600,000 bottles) and cheese shop.  Should you know anyone who’d like to open a restaurant in some adjoining space, it’s available.  The renderings of the interior look exciting and it will certainly be a go-to spot for wine aficionados.  For those who follow wine sales personnel, Bryan Ferris,,  who ran The Wine Bank before it was sold, is a part of the team.


At the San Diego Bay Wine & Food Festival , November 18 to 22, you can taste wine at one of the events called Wine in Style.  You’ll also be able to eat yourself silly with more than 170 wineries, 70 San Diego restaurants and celebrity chefs cooking up a storm. Money raised during the event goes to American Institute of Food & Wine scholarship fund.

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  1. I think it is amazing that a blog which is supposed to be about the SD food scene hasn’t posted anything in 2 weeks. Last week was restaurant week and not even a mention. What gives?


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