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Happy New Year to you all.   Already, just a few weeks into January, we find optimism in San Diego with new restaurants:

**Bayu’s Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine that just opened in Hillcrest on University between Fifth and Sixth.

**La Jolla gets sweeter by the day with the addition of Sprinkles–a cupcake place in the Whole Foods shopping center on Noble.  Then there’s Cups that opened last year downtown on Girard–should you want dessert after your Smashburger or Burger Lounge lunch.  Notable that Cups features vegan as well as gluten free cupcakes.

**How’s this for a restaurant name?  Revolver.  It is  in the same place as Voyeur at 755 Fifth Avenue, San Diego.  The Voyeur chef is Kari Rich who according to a media invite, created a menu that “revolves around seasonal, local, & sustainable food.”  Too bad the logo on the invite is a revolver.  Revolver…sounds like a gun store.

**Bing Crosby’s closes at Fashion Valley.  Since their website is not online, this is the best explanation of the fairly sudden closure of the restaurant chain

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4 thoughts on “New Year Brings Change to SD Restaurant Scene

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  2. The link that was posted for info on Bing Crosby’s goes to the WalnutCreekPatch, which says nothing about Bing Crosby’s. Can you explain, please?

  3. What people who operate restaurants like Bing Crosby, Ruth Chris’, Morton’s and others like them don’t seem to understand is that the average diner can not afford to spend $100 and more on a single dinner.


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