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Those of you who follow one of San Diego’s top talented women chefs, Amy DiBiase, won’t find her at Old Town’s Cosmopolitan Hotel & Restaurant as she left the restaurant due to creative and money issues with the management.  Many of the original hires have also departed since the restaurant opened.

She was hired to do food that bore the hallmarks of the time (1870’s) when Bandini’s home became a stagecoach stop and hotel.  The hotel’s management now wants to stray from their original concept as noted on their website and the reason that DiBiase came on as executive chef.

Buzz spoke with the general manager and it is expected that the food will change from the moderately priced yet upscale dining destination that DiBiase provided to a middle-of-the-road, broad appeal, and possibly less uninspired menu.

7 thoughts on “Cosmopolitan Hotel & Restaurant

  1. So Jeff Thurston, ex of Prado is brought in to open Cosmo and leaves. Amy is brought in to open Cosmo and leaves. Two very good and successful chefs. Sounds like an owner issue to me. Expect the end to come in a rush.

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  3. Amy is an incredible chef, anyone in our culinary community has huge respect for her. I know I use one whisk in my kitchen all 15 cooks share it see: (http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2010/nov/10/chef-dibiase-loses-job-cosmopolitan/), please…
    Clearly Melluso has decided to put San Diego on the culinary map with “Broad Appeal” AKA tourist trap food. My guess is we can all look forward to such gems as Jalapeño Poppers, Deep Fried Tortilla Shells filled with Taco Salad, commodity farmed Shrimp “Diablo” Burritos all flushed down with a bottled pre-mixed fish bowl Margarita! Heaven help us!


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