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Blanca‘s chef Wade Hageman heads east to New York to cook at the prestigious James Beard House.  He’ll be there on Saturday, March 8. If you’re in New York it is worth the trip to enjoy what is being billed as Hageman’s French-Inspired California Cuisine that will feature his porcini-lobster bisque among others of his signature dishes. Hageman was named one of Esquire’s Four Chefs to Watch in 2006.

In the original post about Gavin Kaysen, Buzz neglected to mention restaurant reviewer Steve Silverman of San Diego Home/Garden magazine who was way ahead of the curve in recognizing Kaysen’s talent. In June 2007, Silverman gave him a special Gilded Silver Fork Award and said this about him:  

We championed the cooking of Chef Gavin Kaysen more than a year ago in this magazine…and how right we were! In 2007 Kaysen represented the United States in a world culinary competition in Lyon, France. He’s since gotten a full-page write-up in Time Magazine and was featured on NBC’s Today Show.  In April of this year, Kaysen was chosen as one of Food & Wine Magazine’s “Best New Chefs for 2007.”  That’s a lot of tribute for a 27-year-old, but it all goes to one single point: the kid can cook.  To sample what he can do, head for the Rancho Bernardo Inn.

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