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Addison, the over-the-top restaurant at The Grand Del Mar recently hosted a lovely media holiday party.  The restaurant just became San Diego’s first and only recipient of the AAA Five Diamond Award.  Executive chef  William Bradley (who is getting married next September) and master sommelier Jesse Rodriguez were on hand to meet and greet.  Locavores may not rave about Bradley’s use of Iranian caviar even though  he feels it’s the best.  I wonder, however, when it is served with chopped egg, onion and other diversions, as it was at the party, can one really detect the delicate quality of the eggs?   On the wine side, Rodriguez created some wonderful house blends–ones that he has traveled the world to make (with top producers) especially for the restaurant.  Addison’s service, as well, is worth the trip and the setting, especially at night, makes a lovely diversion from the hectic daily grind.  5200 Grand Del Mar Way, 858-314-1900.

Well-known ex-food critic of the Union Tribune, Maria Hunt has been named Wine & Spirits editor at Ranch & Coast Magazine.

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