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With the Hyatt management now in control at Andaz (formerly Ivy Hotel), there were bound to be changes in the kitchen.  Executive chef Nathan Coulon will move on May 6.  Next stop, Fashion Island in Newport Beach where he’ll oversee the new True Food Kitchen (a Phoenix import) due to open mid-July. Buzz has eaten at the Phoenix restaurant–its good-for-you menu is based on Dr. Andrew Weil’s principles of an anti-inflammatory pyramid of foods–and the food flavorful and interesting.  When Coulon leaves Quarter Kitchen he’ll be in Phoenix for six weeks working with executive chef, Michael Stebner. Yes, that Michael Stebner who owned the well-received-ahead-of-its-time-Region restaurant that focused on locally sourced ingredients with a menu based on Slow Food principles.  When Stebner left San Diego he went to Phoenix and ended up working for Fox Restaurant Concepts who created True Food Kitchen.  Now San Diego loses another talented chef

Don’t despair, however, San Diego does have chefs who can cook and many of them give their time to do special dinners to support student chefs.   Chef Celebration dinners are in full swing and they are worth checking out.  At $65  per person, $35 of which goes to the scholarship fund, these dinners are worth every cent to experience a dinner featuring four chefs.  Tuesday April 27,  Nine-Ten‘s Jason Knibb  hosts Brian Sinnott, Trey Foshee, Jack Fisher and Jeff Jackson and for the month of May the venues include Kitchen 1540, Cowboy Star, Urban Solace and Karl StraussCheck here to see who’s cooking where and to make reservations call the individual venue.

Eat, Drink, Read, takes place Wednesday, April 28 will benefit the San Diego Council on Literacy.  For just $60,  you’ll taste, mix and match wines and beers with food from noted restaurants including The Marine Room, Urban SolaceSuite & Tender and many more.  The venue is the hip Sushi Performance and Visual Art downtown at Eleventh and Island.

7 thoughts on “Bits: True Food Kitchen and more to Eat, Drink, Read

  1. If I remember correctly, didn’t Nathan Coulon’s previous partner at Modus also work with Michael Stebner at Region? What a small world.

  2. nathon coulon moving on to a different city, san diego loosing a a good chef? thats up for debate, i’d say this is a good thing thing. QK has been disappointing while he was in the kitchen. Move on and make room for a new group of chefs with more then just talent, passion and self sacrifice

  3. i’m not suggesting I know personally who these chefs are, just that Nathan’s food is a little tired. I’m ready and as well as you to try something different because clearly we know QK was nothing special, thats all. I feel this is a fair statement with no disrespect to Nathan, perhaps just a positive decision for both himself and the SD food scene.

    • Would be curious to know where you like to dine. San Diego is slowly learning to try new foods and dishes. Consider that this town doesn’t register on the national scene save for perhaps The Marine Room and Manchester’s Five Diamond Del Mar Grand. Many places–new and old– are reinventing their menus with more casual, comfort food dishes at a lower price point. And if you weren’t enthralled with QK before, now that it is a corporate entity of Hyatt, don’t expect anything too different or exciting.

  4. well I am temporarily living in chicago so I haven’t been in SD much lately, Twice this year but will be back permanently soon. Places I go to are urbana cucina, whisk n ladle, nine-ten, market, probably going to like carl’s new place. blind lady, basic pizza, cowboy star, little sheep, la fachada and hodads. Just a quick list, I know i’m missing some others.

  5. Good quick list Chris…when you get back to S.D., you must try: Cavaillon, Cafe Chloe, Okan, Kitchen 1540, Bencotto, Farmhouse Cafe, Pizzeria Bruno Napoletano, Ariana Kabob House and the Little Italy Mercato…


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