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Bankers Hill:  Fifth Avenue must be a magnet for sushi.  The area already has two sushi restaurants: Azuki Sushi Lounge and Mukashi within a few blocks of each other.  Now a third, Hane Sushi & Bar on Fifth Avenue at Olive arrives in the same block as Mukashi. For the non-sushi palate,  Avenue 5 Restaurant & Bar sits between the two.  Buzz hasn’t yet  tried Hane or Azuki.

Gaslamp: The Gaslamp’s latest addition is Opera Caffe for Italian with a Tuscan twist from owner Roberto Bernadoni who had restaurants in Florence before he came to be the chef at La Strada for past 16 years. EXY Restaurant & Lounge downtown is closed for remodeling.

Stu Milner, formerly the bar manager extraordinaire at Paradise Point’s Baleen took his shaker and stirrer to The Royal Hawaiian’s upscale restaurant, Azure, on Waikiki.  The recently reopened Starwood property also houses the famous Mai Tai Bar that a friend  mentioned is the first place she visits every time she arrives in Oahu.

New: Beer lovers rejoice:  A pizza and brewery is set to open at 34th and Adams in Normal Heights called Blind Lady Craft Pizza and Beer and is a venture of Lee Chase and three partners.  Chase started Stone Brewery and worked there for nine plus years.For pasta and pizzas, Pastalini a casual pasta bar is open on Miramar Road.

4 thoughts on “Bits and Bites: New, Old and More

  1. Leave it to MPM to know the good spots, I hope it’s as good at Ota.

    So many sushi places around town “dumb down” the quality of the fish with too much sauce. Let the fish speak.

    I had the BEST Sushi (omakasi) in my LIFE of all places at the Fish Market. The chef did it right. Will try Hane for sure.

  2. I went out this afternoon in search of something to eat along the Miramar rd. and I noticed a cool sign luring behind the KFC/Taco Bell building. The words ‘Pasta Bar’ underneath the sign ‘Pastalini’ drew me closer in hopes of finding something more interesting and tastier to eat than the mondane sandwich or burrito that the area eateries usually have to offer. I walked into Pastalini only to be amazed by the newly opened fast casual restaurant offering an array of pasta dishes, salads and pizzas. Unlike other pasta places the food here was fresh and were of groumet quality. Where have you seen grilled fish, chicken and shrimp offered on a pasta bowl with a choice of fresh vegetables such as corm, zuccini and mushrroms. The pasta bar is a new concept letting you choose your own pasta type, sauce, protein and vegtable toppings. I had the fettuccine pesto with shrimp. Loved it. And boy what quantities for only $6. I noticed the pizzas there which looked great. I am deffinietly coming back for a BBQ pizza or another bowl of pasta.
    Finally, a good quality eatery on Miramar!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love splurging a little and having a bite to eat in the gaslamp and i love italian food!! i’ll have to check out Opera Caffe. I really like your blog and am so glad you focus on food in SD. I’ve heard people say that the food in san diego is sub par so I’ll have to refer them here 😉

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