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Bankers Hill Bar + Restaurant opened this week.  It’s Carl Schroeder’s (Market) uptown place with a tavern menu of comfort foods including what seems to be the hottest new dish for restaurants—the deviled egg.  Haven’t seen the actual menu  (only the cleverly designed one on the website) but am excited to try it soon.  Fourth and Ivy in the old Modus space.  Open from 4:30pm, 619-231-0222.

PrepKitchen goes to Del Mar in the old Giorgio’s Osteria del Pescatore (their lease was up) on the corner of Camino del Mar and 12th.  How lucky for the people living in the area.  Buzz loves much of the PrepKitchen menu from La Jolla, including a wicked brownie with a bit of caramel and sea salt topping…And the food at their mainstay WhisknLadle represents good use of local ingredients— simple preparations of top-notch ingredients.  There’s a happy hour at the bar where a pal and I noshed our way through the daily tapas. Expect the same quality  in Del Mar.

And the chef that Blanca brought from New York, decided to return to that city after just nine months attempting to open the eyes of the eating public with interesting food.  Chef Jason Neroni couldn’t get the diners to appreciate chicken that doesn’t have grill marks.  San Diego struggles on to be recognized as a food city.

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