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The newest place for Mexican food on Fifth Avenue at Nutmeg is an Isabel Cruz creation, Barrio Star, previously mentioned here.  The tag line on the menu:  “Mexican Soul Food” and Buzz would agree.  Let’s be clear here, tacos are a dime a dozen all over the city. And some would whine that they shouldn’t be more than a few bucks apiece.

If, however, you want house made tortillas from corn freshly ground daily to become masa for tortillas and tamales, or chunks of oven cooked pork for greaseless yet flavorful carnitas, or tamales with moist masa and lots of chicken, or fresh made salsas or interesting black beans and rice and even greens, then this is your place.

The brightly decorated room with a bar is modern with light from the windows that face Fifth Avenue. The attention to and use of high quality ingredients such as Brandt beef and local suppliers make all the difference from the run of the mill taco joint. Two street size tacos piled with carnitas and a side of beans $9.50 at lunch $13 at dinner with three tacos, or the chicken tamale loaded with succulent chicken  $10.  Open for lunch weekdays from 11:30 to 2:30 and dinner daily from 5 to 10pm.  Reservations accepted. 2706 5th Avenue San Diego, 619-501-7827

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  1. Tacos, bowls, and oven cooked carnitas = Mexican soul food? Come on, this sounds more like taco bell. Not only that, it is interesting to note that you go on to call them “street size.” Street food is not Mexican soul food.

    If you are going to call it Mexican soul food – Barrio Star and you who agree might want to do a little research in places like Guadalajara, Merida, Toluca, Veracruz, Guerrero etc.

    Or if you are afraid to cross the border – take some hints from Super Cocina in City Heights or make it up to Nopalito in SF where they do upscale and local Mexican right.

    When are the restauranteurs in San Diego finally going to make real Mexican food?

    This sounds like an inexperienced review.


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