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On Tuesday June 12, should you be in New York City, you can dine at the James Beard House with Brian Pekarcik, executive chef at Arterra Restaurant and Bar in the Del Mar Marriott.  His menu will be California Tasting: Three Ways to highlight his creative use of local California ingredients paired with California wines chosen by Wine Director Ted Glennon. 

If getting to NYC isn’t possible, visit Arterra and experience some of the dishes he will present.  From May 16 to June 9, Arterra will feature the seasonal variations of his Beard House menu. The cost is $72 including the wine pairing or $49 without wine, plus tax and tip.

You can also enter a drawing for an Arterra weekend in New York that includes the Beard House dinner.  For more information on how to enter the contest visit the restaurant, their website:  www.arterrarestaurant.com or call 858-369-6032. 

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